Hug Me Tees

Spread Love, Give a Hug!



My name is Jamie, I am a Miniature Schnauzer and this idea "I Know You Wanna Hug Me!" was created on 9/17/09. I am honored to be alive and wanted to spread my joy to everyone on this earth. I know I am just a dog but I realized that I will only be around for a few more years and wanted to see what I can do before I go. So I have set off on this journey to give, inspire, support, and hug! I think everyone deserves a hug and a furry one at that.

My goals are to give people hugs, create a positive news website, and transform what people believe about themselves through love. One thing you can do today to support me is to give someone you know a hug. Then tomorrow give someone you don't know a hug. Keep giving hugs until you can't give anymore! Share yourself, your gifts, and talents with your family, friends, and neighbors. Actually everyone you come in contact with! You never know what difference your presence can make with someone.

Peace, Love, and Unity